LIVE BRIEF BAM 2016 The challenge we was set by B.A.M London was to create a brand extension of their already existing editorial company. From research into the directors and company I decided to focus on something I had noticed on instagram. One of the directors instagram accounts he always posted about Pam, his local laundrette. I decided to use this idea and created a Laundrette Cafe, where people can eat, drink and read whilst waiting for their washing.
I also created a separate logo for the bar which would be inside the laundrette called Pamtone Bar. I created labels created out of brown paper to be used on items within the bar to show the prices and what is in the items - for example jacket potatoes and sandwiches.
I produced a series of pantone swatches using colours of items you would find in an laundrette for example the washing bags, benches and powder. These where then further used on advertising the brand extension.